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Online Teaching Survival Guide Book Review

Online teachingThe Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips by Judith Boettcher and Rita-Marie Conrad
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Although published in 2010, this useful guide is a great option for anyone looking to set up an online course from scratch, or for an instructor implementing an online curriculum.

Boettcher and Conrad provide a general overview of best teaching practices in Part One, including guidance on creating a supportive community, providing a mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities, asking for feedback, and wrapping up in a meaningful way. Part Two divides the course into various phases of the class, including “course beginning”, “early middle”, “late middle” and “closing weeks” so the reader can easily use the tips and tools that most match the phase he/she is teaching. The authors give thought-provoking questions throughout that the teacher can think about as part of the course, or use in the class to spur on critical thinking and creating community.

Having taught online classes, I can say that the advice, tips, scholarship, and focus are all useful from day one and many of the items that I have used within my classroom have worked well and have added value and to the students’ successes.

—Submitted by Maria Bagshaw, Reference/Instruction Librarian

New Databases: NewsBank and Nature

ECC Library has added two new databases this semester: NewsBank and Nature.

NewsBank is now your go-to source for the Chicago Tribune. You can even access articles from today’s edition! ECC Library patrons now have access valuable local and national information from the Chicago Tribune through this database instead of ProQuest. Patrons can still use ProQuest to access other newspapers (such as The New York Times and Wallstreet Journal) as well as scholarly journals, magazines, and trade publications.


Our other new database is Nature. This database allows ECC patrons electronic access to articles published within the last 4 years of the weekly science journal Nature. Keep up with the lastest in scientific research!

Login for both these databases is required when accessing them from off-campus. Contact the ECC Library for more information on registering your bardcode with the library.

Directory of Library Tutorials

Need some help with your research? Did you know ECC Library has a directory of online tutorials available to help you with your library research?

Our tutorials cover such areas as library basics like how to register your student ID barcode with the library to dababase demonstrations like how to use the library’s new arts and sciences database JSTOR to information literacy instruction like how to develop good college-level searching strategies. And all tutorials can be accessed from on or off-campus.

To view the directory of tutorials, look for the Tutorials link in the left-hand menu of the library homepage or click on the image below.