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Critical thinking and information literacy

Information literacy has as one of roots critical thinking. Without knowing how to understand types of information (scholarly/popular, primary/secondary) and how to evaluate them, you can have a disadvantage in the classroom and in your future workplace.

Information literacy can encompass ideas such as bias, authorship, currency, evaluation, presentation, synthesis, attribution, and more.

The library has compiled some tools in a research guide to discuss how you think critically about the news, although the tips in there can also cover articles, websites, books, and other information you may want to use in your research.

There’s a great YouTube series called Crash Course: Navigating Digital Information that discusses these concepts. Narrated by John Green (Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns), this series of 10 videos provides a basis for becoming adept at online research. The skills and concepts can also be applied to research in general. Watch the first episode here:

Remember that your librarians also teach about information literacy concepts in the classroom–you may see us in your psychology, sociology, history, art, or other classes.

If you are faculty and you want an instruction session, click here for our online request form.

–Written by Maria Bagshaw, Reference/Instruction Librarian

For faculty: Course Reserves

The library offers a Course Reserves system whereby faculty request particular items to be  available for a particular class.  The items are available at our Circulation Desk by Instructor or Course.  Students can also search for reserve materials in our library’s catalog.

To place Items on Reserve for Your Students, please follow this procedure:

Go to the Circulation Desk in Building C (Library).

Bring the item you want on Reserve if the item is a personal copy. If it is a library copy, we can get the item for you.

Fill out the form at Circulation with the following information:

  • Faculty name, course name, and title of the item
  • Call number of the item (if any)
  • Choose:
    • Staff Use Only (formerly scheduling). Item will be available only to faculty. Students cannot use or check out.
    • Reserves. Item will be available for students for in library use only. Item may be in use by student when needed by faculty.
  • Choose:
    • Property of faculty member
    • Property of Library

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours processing time for materials already owned by the library.  If you are bringing material of your own for reserve, please allow additional processing time.

Please be aware that use of material must follow copyright guidelines.

For students:

Most items are designated for library use only and cannot be checked out of the library building. Students will also need their Student ID/Library card in order to access any Course Reserve items.

Search to see if your instructor has placed any items on reserve in the library.

If you have any questions about Course Reserves, please contact the Reference Librarians (847-214-7354) or the Circulation Desk (847-214-7337.)

For faculty: FAQs for faculty

Did you know that the library has an FAQ? It is located on our website under How Do I? While the FAQ is open to everyone, we have a special tag for faculty where you can see just the questions that are faculty focused.

Questions include how to schedule a classroom at the library, research appointments, embedded librarians for your online class, and more.

If you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQ, or have questions that you would like to see posted in the FAQ, please contact the Reference Desk at 847-214-7354 or libref@elgin.edu.

–Written by Maria Bagshaw, Reference/Instruction Librarian

Book Display: Books by current and past ECC faculty

FAC Book displayEllie Swanson, Technical Services Librarian, has created a book display showcasing ECC faculty-authored books. Highlighted are works by the late Bill Pelz (Against Capitalism: the European left on the march), Baudelaire Ulysse (Racialized Consciousness: Mapping the genealogy of racial identity and manifestations in socio-political discourses), Roberto Suro (Strangers Among Us: How Latino immigration is transforming America), several by Mary Ellen Goodwill, and more.

The display is located on the 2nd floor of the library, Building C. The books will be on display until the first week of November. Any of the works can be checked out by choosing your favorite and taking it to the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor with your student ID.

For faculty: Need to combat “alternative facts”? Some resources from the ECC Reference Librarians

magnifying-glass-1607160_640We all know that navigating and evaluating the world of online information has become increasingly difficult. The ECC Library has some new and useful tools to help:

• Developed by Librarian Jen Schlau, this video tutorialMedia Bias, teaches students how to identify and evaluate bias and determine high journalistic quality in news sources. (20 min.)

• Librarians Maria Bagshaw and Julie Keating suggest this open source e-book: Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers by Michael Caulfield. This e-book is a practical and accessible guide that uses real world, relatable examples that will be familiar to students.

• You can find these and many more librarian-vetted resources for helping your students evaluate information in the library’s research guide, Thinking Critically About the News.

• For easy access to authoritative news, you and your students can have a free subscription to the digital New York Times, simply by registering with your ECC email. (This access is provided by the paid ECC Library subscription to the digital NYT.)

• To schedule a library visit or to discuss our many resources, contact the reference and instruction librarians at libref@elgin.edu or x7354, We’d love to hear from you! Contact Stacey Shah sshah@elgin.edu for information on our embedded librarian program for your D2L course.

 –Submitted by Marge Schildknecht, Public Services Librarian

For faculty: Faculty Services @ECC Library

facultyAs we get ready to start a new semester, please take a look at all the ways the library can support you and can help your students achieve success!  Check out our Faculty Services menu, which lists descriptions of our services (face-to face or online), and provides online forms for your convenience.

If you have questions, please email libref@elgin.edu or call 847-214-7354 to speak with a librarian about how we can best assist you.

FREE FOR YOU! New York Times Digital Edition!

Happy New Year! Here’s a reminder if you haven’t yet activated your digital subscription to the New York Times:

The library has a subscription to the New York Times digital edition This is the web version of the New York Times, rather than a database version. It includes full access to all articles dating back to 1851 right from a mobile device or a computer. You can register to have free, personal access through this new subscription.  Here are the steps:

  • Using a student.elgin.edu or elgin.edu email account, create a personal account for full access to NYT from 1851-present.
  • Account registration works best in a Chrome browser.
  • You only need to register at this link once. After that, you can go directly to nytimes.com and login with your personal account.

Access to the New York Times in text form for student research is still available through the library’s newspaper databases.