Top 5 ways to de-stress during finals week

What are your favorite ways to relax during finals week? Here are our Top 5!

1. Meditate


Courtesy of

We have posted previously on meditation resources. The benefits are many and the time commitment is small. Find a quiet moment and disengage.

2. Namaste…with some yoga

There are lots of videos on YouTube to get you started (see one below.) The library also has resources you can check out.

3. And I ran…or walked…


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This site has upcoming Illinois races, by county, and you can also contribute to the charity from that page. Additionally, you can restrict to the type of race (marathon, anyone?) You can also take in the local park trails for a relaxing run or walk, even in the winter!

4. Color!


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Coloring for adults is big right now.  This site offers free patterns.  Pick up some colored pencils or crayons and enjoy the benefits!

5. Build a Lego set


Courtesy of Mitch Milner

You can pick up an easy (under $10) or more difficult ($100+) set at your local Target, Walmart, or other department stores.  Even David Beckham has stated that he has found using Legos relaxing. So “Build it Like Beckham” and give it a try.



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