Sustainability: The Time is Now

earth-day-2016-poster-earth-day-networkDid you know?

  • 1 carton (10 reams of regular (non-recycled) paper) uses .6 of a tree (or, in other words, 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper. Source: Conservatree)
  • In 2015, students at ECC used over 1 MILLION sheets of paper (averaging to 3,100 sheets per day)
  • An average of 7 ink cartridges PER MONTH are used in the ECC Library.
  • The environmental impact of the paper alone for these print jobs equaled the loss of 14 trees and the CO2 produced was 5,226.4 kg.

So, how can you help?

Check out our Sustainability Research Guide! It has much more on this topic, including tips, books, and article databases for further research.

7 Savvy Tips to conserving paper and ink in the library:

  1. Email the article to yourself. All the databases offers an email feature right from where you are researching. (This also saves you from losing the article later in the semester!)
  2. Save your items to a flash drive or to your desktop.
  3. Print only the pages you need instead of the entire document.
  4. Check the Print Preview to make sure you print the correct document.
  5. When printing a PowerPoint or slides, print several slides per page, instead of a single slide on each page.
  6. When making copies, choose to print your document 2 sided rather than on single sheets.
  7. When all else fails, RECYCLE!


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