For Faculty: Check out the Copyright Research Guide!

Copyright-Symbol_52Confused about copyright?

The Copyright Guide focuses on the basics of copyright, fair use, ethical use of images, and websites that will assist you in correctly using materials for your classes.

A Quick note on Fair Use

To determine fair use, you want to look at the Four Factors:

  • Factor 1 – The Purpose of Your Use  –  Do you seek commercial gain, or are you using these for scholarship, teaching, or writing a paper?
  • Factor 2 – The Nature of Your Use  –  Characteristics of the work itself are important in looking at fair use. Are you using a very highly creative work? If so, the judgment might be against its use as fair use.
  • Factor 3 – The Amount of the Work You Use – Are you trying to use an entire book, a chapter, or an art image?
  • Factor 4 – How the Potential Market for the Work Will Be Impacted by your Use – If you copy 100 book chapters, that is 100 copies pulled from the market.

If you have questions about copyright, please contact Jerry Mackay, Associate Dean of the Library, at 847-214-7595.

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