For Faculty: Copyright Research Guide

copyrightJust in time for the new semester, we have created a Copyright Guide focusing on the basics of copyright, fair use, ethical use of images, and websites that will assist you in correctly using materials for your classes.

A Quick note on Fair Use

To determine fair use, you want to look at the Four Factors:

  • Factor 1 – The Purpose of Your Use  –  Do you seek commercial gain, or are you using these for scholarship, teaching, or writing a paper?
  • Factor 2 – The Nature of Your Use  –  Characteristics of the work itself are important in looking at fair use. Are you using a very highly creative work? If so, the judgment might be against its use as fair use.
  • Factor 3 – The Amount of the Work You Use – Are you trying to use an entire book, a chapter, or an art image?
  • Factor 4 – How the Potential Market for the Work Will Be Impacted by your Use – If you copy 100 book chapters, that is 100 copies pulled from the market.

If you have questions about copyright, please contact Jerry Mackay, Associate Dean of the Library, at 847-214-7597.

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