A polling we will go…

By hlkljgk Heather Katsoulis

By hlkljgk Heather Katsoulis Creative Commons

On our library page, we occasionally post polls about YOUR use of library services, resources, and other information.  Past polls have included the use of IM Chat, where do you start when doing research, and if you have attended a library instruction session.  You can find the most current poll in the bottom left corner of the library’s webpage. Click on View to see up-to-the-minute poll results.

The latest poll centered on “What is your favorite library database?”  Overwhelmingly, EBSCO came out on top with 32% of the 110 votes.  EBSCO has thousands of full text articles available in many different subject areas, as well as specialized databases for ESL and Psychology.

ProQuest earned the second spot, with 12% of the vote.  ProQuest has the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, as well as Ethnic NewsWatch and Nursing & Allied Health databases.

Surprisingly, almost 1/4 of those who took the poll didn’t know what a database was.  Stop by the library for a quick tutorial.  It will make research so much easier! 

To get to the library’s databases, click from our webpage under Search for Articles & More.  A list of the most popular databases can be found under Quick Links.

Our previous poll was “Which e-reader do you use?”  Out of 164 votes, 96 (or 59%) did not own an e-reader.  The most popular device was an iPad (14%), followed by Kindle (12%) and Nook (7%).

Weigh in with your opinion and check out our website for new polls every few weeks!

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