Library closed for President’s Day

The library will be closed on Monday, February 20, 2017, in honor of President’s Day.

We will reopen at 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

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Resource Spotlight: Science in Context

scienceincontext2The Science in Context Database provides authoritative, credible sources in every major area of science, including individual articles and encyclopedias related to science.

As it states in the title, this database shows how science relates to real world issues and allows you to search millions of full text articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines worldwide. When you search, you will get an overview that will often also include audio, video, biographies, and more.

One of the great features of many of the Gale databases is the ability to sign into your Google account and highlight/save directly to your Google Drive, keeping your research organized. Gale will create a folder for you, saving your highlights and downloaded materials intact. You can also save links to videos in your Google bookmarks. Once in Science In Context, sign into your Google account as noted below. galegoogle

Contact the library if you need help with the database or have questions about saving your research.

–Maria Bagshaw, Reference/Instruction Librarian



Get ready to celebrate Black History Month at ECC!

February is designated as African American History Month. The ECC Library has many resources related to black history, culture, and the arts.

Look for works in our catalog with the subject African American; the titles below are some of our newest selections in the past year.

We have a new database titled Slavery in American and the World; it has cases, legal materials, and statutes as well as pamphlets and books written in the era.

If you would like to find something specific, the librarians can help you with choosing biographies, poetry, databases, fiction, and nonfiction works.  Contact us and we are happy to help!

Elgin Community College also has a wonderful month of festivities available to the college community and the public; all are free. Contact the Office of Student Life at 847-214-7078 for more information on event times and venues.

–Maria Bagshaw, Reference/Instruction Librarian


Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Book Review

41w2bkx63tul-_sx304_bo1204203200_Evicted : poverty and profit in the American city
By Matthew Desmond
339.46 D464e

Matthew Desmond examines the role of insecure living situations in the cycle of poverty. I used to think that education was the magic bullet that would allow children to rise from poverty, but after reading this book, I have changed my mind. Without secure housing, every other aspect of life suffers.

Desmond follows several poor Milwaukee residents in their travails to find and keep housing in the inner city. He also reports on two landlords who have made a specialty of renting to the extremely poor. Evictions are common. Rents often take up to 50% of income, or more. It doesn’t take much of a calamity to put the poor behind in their rent, and catching up once behind is unlikely. Once someone has been evicted, their housing options are much restricted, and they end up in a downward spiral of increasingly horrible living conditions, as they are forced to live in apartments that are far from meeting building codes. If they report violations, such as a sink or bathtub that won’t drain, they will be evicted  and the cycle begins again. Even calling 911 for a sick child or domestic abuse can result in an eviction, as landlords do not want to become know as a nuisance building. Landlords know that their tenants are in a very vulnerable position, and can slack off on maintaining their buildings, knowing tenants will not file complaints because of fear of eviction.

Desmond also details the industries that have spring up around the poor. In Milwaukee, the landlords profiled make large profits by renting substandard housing to the poor, as do storage locker businesses, payday loans, and credit card companies. Getting ahead of the game is nearly impossible.

This book stressed that the importance of secure housing plays a key role in ending the cycle of poverty. Children were changing schools five times in one year because of frequent moves. Substandard living conditions spawned sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression in those forced to be constantly on the move, looking for some kind of stability in their lives.

Desmond got to know many of these people, and we are introduced to the wide range of people he met while researching this book. Poor choices,  drug addiction, a struggling economy, and mental illness all played roles in contributing to the housing crisis faced on a daily basis by these poor Milwaukee residents. Desmond does propose a few solutions at the end of this book. There are some success stories on a very small scale, but most of the people we meet in this book will continue to struggle in their search for a stable home.

keathing–Submitted by Julie Keating, Reference Librarian

Get your library card activated!

Need to have your information on the go?  Want to get a head start on your research?  Then you need to have your library card!

Bring your Student Picture ID to the library to have the barcode on the back activated.  Student IDs can be obtained from the Student Life Office.

Library cards, once activated, expire when your Student ID expires

Please contact the Circulation Desk at 847-214-7337 or if you have questions or to activate your card remotely.

Welcome back, students!

We are so glad to see you!  Come to the library to activate your student ID, find a good movie or book, use the computers, get help with your research, or to find a quiet place to relax.Here’s to a great semester!

ECC Library Closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

flickr-7015265357-hdThe library will be closed on Monday, January 16, 2017, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

We will reopen at 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

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