Alert: Catalog software upgrade 3/23

The library will be upgrading its software on Thursday, March 23, 2017 from approximately 10 a.m. until 12:00 noon. During this time, there may be disruptions to accessing our website or library catalog. If you need help accessing our other resources and the website is down, please call 847-214-7354 and a librarian can help you.


Library closed during Spring Recess

Spring-flower-boquet_-_Virginia_-_ForestWander (Creative Commons)

The Library will be closed during Elgin Community College’s Spring Break.

Our hours are:

Saturday, March 25 Open from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Sunday, March 26 to Sunday, April 2:  Closed

Monday, April 3:  Open at 7:45 am for normal hours

Our electronic resources will still be available to registered ECC students and staff during spring break.  Make sure your registration is up-to-date by calling our Circulation Desk at 847-214-7337 or emailing before we close!

Freedom of Information Day Celebrated March 16

Celebrated on President James Madison’s birthday (one of the Fathers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights), this date is celebrated each year to celebrate and encourage openness of government with the people.

This playlist from the Department of Justice, explains what the Freedom of Information Act is and provides a detailed look at FOIA.


–Written by Maria Bagshaw, with contributions by Kristina Howard

Resource Spotlight: Human Anatomy from Gale (new resource)

Human anatomy

This new resource allows you to use interactive models and activities to learn about human anatomy. Tour through systems, search by region of the body, or study the 3D printable models. You can also do a search or browse through the activities available to help with your learning needs.

This resources is also linked through both the Anatomical Model Research Guide and through the Nursing Resources Research Guide.

Remember that you can check out physical Anatomical Models for study to use in the library. Contact the Circulation Desk with questions, or see this FAQ.

New Research Guide: Undocumented Students and DACA

DacaGuideUnder the category “Current Events & Controversial Issues,” the library has created this Research Guide on “Undocumented Students and DACA” or “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”. The guide includes a four minute video (second tab) about this immigration program created by Obama in 2012, as well as information to keep informed on current government policies that appear to be threatening the status of the program. 

Tabs include information and articles specific to DACA, links to local and national legal resources (including Centro de Informatcion in Elgin), links to financial and educational resources, a Google news feed on DACA, and how to contact ECC’s Wellness Services department if you need help.

If you know of other related resources send us your suggestions and we will consider adding them to this informative resource.
Keeping your Future Bright at the ECC Library!


–Submitted by Jana Porter, Reference Librarian

National Women’s History Month

nwhp-logo-smallThis year’s theme for National Women’s History Month is “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business” .  From the National Women’s History Project:

The 2017 theme for National Women’s History Month honors women who have successfully challenged the role of women in both business and the paid labor force. Women have always worked, but often their work has been undervalued and unpaid.

You can find more about the honorees and nominees here. Although women are achieving better equality and pay in the workplace, wages and earnings are still about 83% as compared to men:


Additional Resources:

As part of our Global Issues in Context Database, there is a special section on Women and Children you can explore.  This site provides audio, video, news, biographies and more.

CLIO’s CLICK! also has some great resources on the ongoing feminist revolution. Learn about Dorothy Haener, Annie Fox, Addie Wyatt, Daisy Bates, Martha Griffiths, and more at this site.

To learn more about women in business and labor, try some of these in the ECC Library’s collection, or search our library’s catalog for DVDs, ebooks, and more.

Enterprising Women: 250 Years of American Business

Making Feminist Politics: Transnational Alliances Between Women and Labor

Shell Games: The Life and Times of Pearl McGill

Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights

Feminine Capital: Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs 

Breaking Into the Boys Club

Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Maria2016(2)–Submitted by Maria Bagshaw, Reference/Instruction Librarian

Want to be Interviewed and Make Your Voice Heard?


Image credit via Pixabay


You have an opportunity this spring to share your research experiences and feelings about conducting research with one of ECC’s librarians.

My name is Jen. I am working on a research project about how students look for information and their feelings about doing that searching. These anonymous interviews will be a deeper look into the campus community about how our students seek information and how we can incorporate what I learn into further support for students in their classes.

The interview will be about 30-45 minutes long and scheduled at your convenience. In appreciation for your time, I will have a $5 ECC cafeteria gift card to present to you at the end of the interview.

I hope you will consider participating!

If you have any other questions or want to sit down for a discussion with me, please contact me at 847-214-7666 or



–Submitted by Jennifer Schlau, Reference Librarian